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  • Kalidou


  • Volontaires

    Senegalese Volunteers Take Action for the Talibé Children

  • Lydie

    "Creativity is Contagious; Pass It On"
    Albert Einstein

  • Daaras

    Meeting the Talibé Children in the Daaras Where They Live

  • Elif Dogan

  • Nouveaudepart

    "A New Beginning for the Talibé Children"

  • LiemTu

    "Challenging and Difficult at Times, but Extremely Rewarding"

  • Fugue

    Runaway Talibés

  • Zumwalt

    Reinforcing a Key Relationship in the Struggle against Begging by Talibé Children

  • AmadouDiao

    Amadou Diao - from Begging to a Promising Future

  • FuryFoot

    Soccer - a Magical Outlet for the Talibé Children of Maison de la Gare

  • Vendredi

    A Friday Morning at Maison de la Gare

  • Education

    Is there Hope for Talibé Children to Realize their Dream of an Education?

  • Karate

    Talibé Children Strive To Be the Best They Can Be, Through Karate

  • Brandt

    A Remarkable Christmas and New Year's

  • Goree

    More Thank an Excursion - The Door of No Return

  • Bibliotheque

    A Living Memorial in Maison de la Gare's Library

  • Frida

    Six Months with Maison de la Gare

  • Responsabilite

    Talibé Youth Assume Responsibility

  • Joyau

    A Jewel for the Talibé Children of Saint-Louis

  • Sam

    Volunteering with Maison de la Gare

  • Rowan

    Precious Connections

  • Mamadou

    Cultivating a garden and a new life

  • Med

    Critical Health Care for the Talibé Children

  • WangMDG

    A Day in the Life of Maison de la Gare

  • Francesca

    Unique contribution of a Swiss volunteer

  • Bango

    Excursion to Bango

  • Tommaso

    I came as a stranger - Tommaso Arosio

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