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  • Hadfield

    From the International Space Station to Maison de la Gare

  • Sonia

    Sonia LeRoy's personal odyssey of discovery

  • Francesca

    Unique contribution of a Swiss volunteer

  • Bango

    Excursion to Bango

  • Lukens

    American ambassador to Senegal at MDG

  • JackWang

    Discovering the Talibés

  • JennyJeromen

    French volunteers tackle education of talibé children

  • Madison

    A home for talibé children in transition

  • Madison

    Maison de la Gare through the eyes of an American volunteer

  • Mongolie

    To Mongolia for Maison de la Gare

  • Tommaso

    I came as a stranger - Tommaso Arosio

  • recensement

    Who are the talibé children of Saint Louis?

  • Kalidou

    Spotlight on a talibé - Kalidou Baldé

  • Jardin

    A garden oasis for the talibé

  • Journeedestalibes

    Talibé Day at Maison de la Gare

  • Arouna

    Arouna Kandé - A talibé with a future

  • Guembeul

    Discovering their African heritage: Excursion to Guembeul

  • cinq volontaires

    Five amazing volunteers at Maison de la Gare

  • Connexion

    Talibé children connect with friends in Canada

  • Foot

    For the love of the "Beautiful Game", at MDG

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Talibe, the least favored children of Senegal... excerpts from a film by Daniela Kon

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